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Hello! Welcome to nameless_art, ezukii's's graphics journal. I make icons, colorbars/banners, and wallpapers. Generally, they are jrock related. Please read the rules.

r u l e s
o1. Credit is a must! Credit either ezukii or nameless_art
How to credit icon here

o2. Please comment if you are taking anything. I'd like to know where my stuff is going. But even if you arn't taking anything, comments are always nice ^^

o3. This comm is open to the public, but feel free to join to stay updated and to show your love <3! And if I catch people stealing my stuff, this will automatically become friends locked.

o4. Do not hotlink.

o5. Please use these only on LiveJournal

o6. Do not alter my graphics for any reason! Ever! Textless icons are NOT bases.

o7. Enjoy my graphics ^___^

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